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mar. - Since time immemorial, sex-workers have had to rely on slang and abbreviations to advertise what. There's no real definition of what that means so a collection of ciphers, codes and cryptographs worthy of The Da Vinci Code are what we've had to rely on to advertise what we offer Porn Star Experience. feb. 6. mai - Well, believe it or not, it's becoming increasingly more common for porn stars to do double duty as personal escorts. But, before you move forward with any misconceived ideas, be aware that things are not always as you might expect for them to be with a porn star escort. Come to these realizations before. okt. - The comprehensive list of escorts acronyms and abbreviations will help to quickly lookup and define the meaning of any acronym or abbreviation in escorts glossary.

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Bush has repeatedly said he is proud to be. Call -ME - meena call -ME - meena independent girls. But now, with the explosive rise of internet porn many men and women want to experience what they see online for themselves. Roman shower Vomit play. Whoremonger One who habitually patronizes prostitutes. escort terms real pornstar escorts


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